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Energy trading encompasses two areas, electricity procurement and sales. During the procurement, our company buys the electricity produced from the already operating plants or from the power plants that will be put into operation. Our prices are not only favorable in the market, but provide most of the services, so we not only provide the purchase of energy and balancing energy efficiency to cover the resulting costs, but also provide a number of amenities when the power plant is commissioned : they take the burden off the shoulders of the owners.


Another area of ​​energy trade is the sale of electricity to end users, all for conscious consumers for whom not only a good price is important, but also the consumption of environmentally friendly “green energy”. All our efforts are focused on helping our partners with their activities in their day-to-day business, to relieve them of the problems of the energy procurement processes necessary for their activities, and to make working with us hassle-free and even convenient.

Our partner in energy trading:

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